NCPE Course Development/Revision Grant_2023 (Deadline: August 23)

Please find attached the call for the course revision/development grant. You can also access it by clicking on the following link:

The National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) Equity and Inclusion in Preservation Education (EIPE) Committee is seeking proposals from faculty engaged in preservation education for the development of a new course, revision to an existing course, or creation of a new course module on equity, diversity, and inclusion in preservation education. Priority will be given to junior faculty in NCPE member schools, but all educators are encouraged to apply.

The course development grant is a step toward furthering racial equity and inclusion in preservation education. The revised or new courses could address themes of white supremacy, decolonization, and racism to uncover lost/buried histories of marginalized groups relating to the eras of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, segregation, civil rights, structural biases in listing and landmarking properties, and continuing struggles of fair representation and interpretation through historic sites.

Modules must be scheduled to be offered at your current institution before the end of the 2023-24 academic year (fall 2024 courses would be eligible); new or revised courses can be implemented in 2023-24 or 2024-25 academic years.

Award Categories

Development of a new module (consisting of a minimum of 2-3 class sessions) to an existing course: $500-1,000 per module

Complete revision of an existing course/development of a new course: $2,000 

Successful applicants will receive the award upon delivery of a revised or new module or course plan (including the syllabus, schedule, reading materials, etc.) and confirmation of course status about the quarter/semester in which it is taught. This should include course enrollment, mode of delivery, and other pertinent information. Completed course syllabi and modules will be shared on the NCPE website as part of a resource bank.

Proposals should be submitted by August 15, 2023. Proposals should include:

  1. Title of course
  2. Description of project: new/updated course or modules
  3. Existing Syllabus or tentative outline of new course
  4. Brief Instructor Bio

Please note that recipients of the award would be asked to share a brief report on their course performance. This self-assessment would serve as a resource for others contemplating revising existing courses or developing new ones to incorporate EDI content. 

For any questions or clarifications, please contact Manish Chalana –

Thank you for your interest in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in preservation education.


NCPE EIPE Committee

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