Communicating the Value of Historic Preservation Grant

2021 Call for Proposals – NCPE Communicating the Value of Historic Preservation Grant

The National Council for Preservation Education is accepting proposals for the 2021 Communicating the Value of Historic Preservation Grant.  The grant is available to all faculty and students of NCPE certified member programs in good standing.  Each year, NCPE will award two annual grants of up to $2,000 each to support projects that answer any or all of the following three questions:

  1. What is historic preservation?
  2. Why is historic preservation of value?
  3. Why pursue a career in historic preservation?

Application materials are due on July 31 2021

Awardees will be announced during the fall NCPE membership meeting in October, and through the NCPE website.

Priorities and Criteria:

Historic preservation programs across the country are involved in research, community partnerships, and pedagogical activities that regularly benefit the public.  Yet because preservation programs are often quite small, we are not always able to publicize the nature of our work, or draw attention to its broader community impacts.  This grant program is being created to help NCPE member programs communicate with the public about the nature of the field, and about the value of the work done by preservationists.  The grant has been developed to fund projects that answer any or all of the following three questions:

  1. What is historic preservation?
  2. Why is historic preservation of value?
  3. Why pursue a career in historic preservation?

Applicants are invited to propose projects that answer these questions from any perspective they think appropriate, using any media they think appropriate, though evaluation of proposals will be based in part on the potential of the project to reach the broadest possible audience.  Projects may speak to the work of the field as a whole, or to smaller areas of focus.  The grants may not be used for conference travel or registration fees.

Activities that may be supported by the grant include but are not limited to: videos, podcasts, photography, preservation-oriented smartphone apps, recordings of (exceptionally dynamic) lectures, essays in popular periodicals and other forms of communication.  This grant program is a partnership between NCPE and the award winning programs to tell the world about preservation.  While this grant program is not meant to develop content that solely promotes an individual program, applicants should not feel compelled to hide the identities of their home institutions.

Students and student groups may apply with faculty oversight, and collaboration between programs is also welcome.

The winning member programs may use the final products of the grant for their own purposes, but NCPE also requires that as a condition of accepting the grant, recipients allow NCPE to post the product of the grant, or links to the product of the grant, on the NCPE website to better communicate the depth and breadth of the field.

Programs are limited to one application per funding cycle.

Application materials should include:

  1. Name of the directly responsible faculty member
  2. Name of the NCPE member program with which the faculty member is affiliated
  3. 2 page CV of directly responsible faculty member
  4. Proposal for the project that the funds would support (600 words max).  The proposal should include a general explanation of the project.  It should also include a timeline and an explanation of how the project will be made to reach the broadest possible audience.
  5. A one page budget narrative explaining how the funds will be used.
  6. Names and email addresses of two references who can speak to applicant’s ability to execute the proposed project

Proposals should be submitted electronically as PDF documents to NCPE Treasurer Doug Appler at Please contact Doug Appler with any questions.



2019 Grant Recipients

Samuel Sisneros, University of New Mexico

Recovery and Preservation of a Vanishing Historic Site in Belén, New Mexico


Historic preservation’s principles and practices directly correlate and support the charge of librarians and archivists to provide resources for the public and contribute to scholarship and community building. This paper, presented at the National Council of Preservation Education conference in Denver, Colorado (Oct. 10-12, 2019), will discuss the research methodologies, historical context and preservation issues of a recovery project of an historic site in New Mexico.

More Information and Download Paper Here



James Reap & Lynn Jones, University of Georgia

Research, Cleaning & Interpretation of the Friends of Zion Hill Cemetery

Press Release Here 

Friends of Zion Hill Facebook Page Here