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What does NCPE do?

The National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) is a non-profit educational organization. We offer plenty of resources to people in the Historic Preservation field, such as:
And much more!

You can find out more information about who we are, what our mission is, and the dedicated staff that contributes to this mission below. Have a look around and take advantage of these free resources.

NCPE's Objectives

NCPE's Activites

Watch our annual preservation education conference

NCPE Conference Part 1

Introduction and the historical basis for cultural property protection (Michael Tomlan)

NCPE Conference Part 2

Report on “Training in Cultural Property Protection: A Host Nation Perspective” conference held at Cornell University (Melissa Smith)

NCPE Conference Part 3

Protection of Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict (Laurie Rush)

NCPE Executive Committee

Contact: sueann.pembertonhaugh@utsa.edu

Contact: mhadighi@ttu.edu

Contact: shoffman@semo.edu

Contact: douglas.appler@uky.edu

Contact: estiles@rwu.edu

Contact: phkapp@illinois.edu

Contact: young@arch.utah.edu

Contact: aleifes@clemson.edu

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