Academic Programs

NCPE has reviewed historic preservation education programs throughout the United States, according to our membership standards. The programs, linked to below, all comply with these standards.

The information in these charts includes: institution (a link to the program’s website), city and state, contact information, areas of emphasis, degree awarded, and class size.

The charts on these pages are dynamically searchable, making it simple to narrow a search to (for example) all programs within a particular state, or emphasizing a particular area of interest within the field of historic preservation.  More specific directions for searching the tables can be found above the charts themselves.

The map below shows all Historic Preservation programs in the United States, color-coded by type.
Undergraduate programs are in dark blue. Graduate programs are in light blue.
Graduate programs with an emphasis in Historic Preservation are in purple.
Certificates and other associated programs are in red.
Institutions with multiple types of programs are in green.

Learning From the Reservation Conference

Learning from the Reservation: Using the Traditional Cultural Place Perspective for Better Decision Making in a Diverse Cultural Landscape
April 23-25, 2015, Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware, USA
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NCPE’s Objectives

  • Encouraging and assisting in the development and improvement of historic preservation education programs and endeavors in the United States and elsewhere;
  • Coordinating efforts related to preservation education with public and private organizations and interested individuals;
  • Facilitating the collection, exchange and dissemination of information and ideas concerning preservation education;
  • Creating public awareness of endeavors in preservation education.